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Wireless Spy Camera - Spy Secret 3G Camera Manufacturer from DelhiRobert PitaIs it possible to SMS spy without installing on target phone?PTZ Lens Rotation: This is a 1080P HD hidden spy camera, with a Bluetooth wireless speaker; the speaker and the camera can be used simultaneously. .. Nanny Cam Spy Camera Hidden Camera Clock Spy Clock top spy camera android Camera Motion Activated IP Cam with…. .. Hidden Spy Camera, Wireless USB Charger Mini ..

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Features:1. PTZ Lens Rotation: This is a 1080P HD hidden spy camera, with a Bluetooth wireless speaker; the speaker and the camera can be used simultaneously. It supports PTZ camera lens left and right rotation through 180 degrees, use the APP to control the lens on the camera, which will rotate, giving the camera a wider field of view, and nobody will figure out that it is a camera.2. Remote monitoring: When you connect the camera via your router using your smartphone, tablet or iPad, you can remotely monitor your home or shop from anywhere, and it can work without a SD card. It can monitor your room, warehouse, shop, or even your nanny, for the safety of your property and family.3. Motion Detection: When the camera senses movement, it will notify you through the phone APP (the phone will need to have the notification function turned on) and will automatically take a picture and save it in the photo album within the APP. You can also set the motion detection to record video, which will be automatically recorded onto the SD card.4. SD card. The camera supports a memory card up to 128 GB SD memory card (not included); it can also be set for motion detection recording, 24-hour recording and time-lapse video recording. It also supports circular recording, so that when the SD card is full, it will automatically overwrite old videos, and you do not have to worry about the capacity of the memory card; you can also view and download the contents of the SD card video through the APP.5. Recommended usage: The camera's light can be turned off via the APP, the camera includes a 2-meter cable, and a 3000 mAh large capacity battery (which can last for 5-6 hours when the battery is fully charged). We recommend that for better performance you connect the camera to a permanent power source.

Order and Visit us at Model Available! Even Smaller & More Compact Camera with Higher Resolution!The Invisible HD Camera is the next step in Spy communication equipment. In addition to covert undetectable voice communication you can now communicate visually as well! You can now take high-quality pictures and send them to your colleagues on their mobile phones or their E-Mail address.The high quality pictures taken with the small concealable camera lets your colleagues see exactly what you see, with crisp clear picture thanks to the auto-focusing high-definition camera that allows extreme close-ups to be taken.With Built-in 3G/UMTS Mobile Internet and Mobile Phone you do not require an additional mobile phone to function. You can call your friends or let them call you. The latest in 3G/UMTS technology gives the best Call-quality and makes sure pictures are delivered fast.The Built-in MP3 Player provides you the ability to transfer your recorded transcripts and other audio materials to the device and play them back when you need them. With full Play/Pause support, Rewinding/Fast-Forwarding and skipping support navigation through the audio files has never been easier.With the innovative easy-to-use user interface sending a picture, making a call or answering an incoming call or Playing back MP3's is as easy as pressing a button. Due to our quest for a near-perfect user-experience you are guided through each of the functions by a user-friendly voice that you hear in your earpiece. Our Voice-Guide will allow you to relax and focus on the task at hand without worrying about how to operate the device.

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