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  • Spy Kids

    • Genre:
    • Action , Adventure , Comedy , Family , Sci-Fi
    • Country:
    • USA
    • Director:
    • Robert Rodriguez
    • IMDb:
    • 5.4
    • Year:
    • 2001
    • Actors:
    • Antonio Banderas , Carla Gugino , Alexa PenaVega , Daryl Sabara , Teri Hatcher
    Family film "Spy Kids" is a fantastic action comedy, in which the whole family is involved in the analyses against villains. And it all started with the fact that two super secret spy had set to kill each other, but instead when they met then fell in love and got married. But the treacherous world of the atrocities will not let them just so. To the rescue come senior Spy kids, whose fate is now in the hands of their parents. Whether they can fulfill the Mission of salvation, watch and discuss the film in the comments! Watch Now

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