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iPhone 7 Plus Spy Cam

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Evan Kypreos | October 27, 2017 4:48 pm
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The Hidden Camera Level in iOS 11


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Have you ever tried to use your iPhone or iPad take a picture of a box, a sheet of paper, or something else that’s precisely rectangular, but been annoyed that the image came out skewed because it was difficult to hold your camera straight?

Fortunately, Apple snuck a camera level in iOS 11, but it requires enabling a seemingly unrelated feature and noticing a subtle new interface element. Here’s how to access it.

First, turn on Grid in Settings > Camera, so thin white lines divide the viewfinder into a grid of nine rectangles. The lines help you compose your shots with the rule of thirds , so it’s a useful option to enable anyway.

Now, here’s the trick with the camera level: it appears only if you’re holding the iPhone or iPad flat, so the camera points straight down toward the floor or straight up toward the sky. It manifests itself as two crosshairs: a yellow crosshair marks the position where the camera will be level, and a white crosshair shows the camera’s current position.

Using the level is simple: tilt the camera until the two crosshairs merge into a single yellow plus sign. The hard part is keeping them together while tapping the shutter button.

In the first screenshot above, you can see how the Apple TV box looks skewed. However, once I made sure the camera was level for the second screenshot, the edges of the box came out perfectly square.

Unless you take a lot of product shots, you probably won’t need the camera level often, but it and the gridlines are so subtle and useful that it’s worth leaving them on so they’re available for times when you’re trying to avoid skewed edges.

Have you found any other subtle new features in the Camera app in iOS 11? Let us know in the comments!

For more iOS 11 tips, check out my book, Take Control of iOS 11 .

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    Want to secretly capture photos and videos without anyone notices while your device can hide camera view and all interface buttons, here is the app that you need: Spy Camera.With Spy Camera, you can record video, or take pictures without being seen while the device shows one of fake backgrounds.Simulate that you are browsing the web, a blog or leave the device on a table showing a still image or a time clock while recording.Automatically record and save video if any motion occurs on the scene with Motion Detection Sensor.With built-in Photo Timer, this app automatically capture photos every few seconds without touching the capture button again.Save your photos and videos in the password protected private folder.Moreover, you can hide all the UI control buttons to simulate a real spy experience.CAMERA* Photo Timer: automatically capture photo without tap any buttons* Photo Mode: capture photo at highest resolution* Video Mode: record video and capture photo at the same time (snap 8MP photo while recording 4K video)* Motion Detection Mode: automatically record only if any motion occurs on the scene* Slow Motion Mode: Support high frame rate or slow motion video recording selectable between 60fps, 120fps or 240fps* Timelapse Mode: record video in fast motion action up to 16x• Do both capture photo & record video at the same time• Save more storage with changeable video recording resolution from VGA 480p, HD 720p, FullHD 1080p or 4K 2160p• Ability to zoom in & zoom out up to 10x• Support dual camera lens devices• Support wide color gamut capture• Automatically boost low light photo & video visibility and quality• Limitable video recording duration and numbers of Photo Timer photos• Cinematic video stabilization support for shake-free video recording• Adjustable auto or manual focus and exposure• Support photo capturing and video recording with volume buttons• Save photo and video in passcode protected private app folder or save to camera rollINTERFACE• Automatic Mode: auto apply record action and other actions when app launch• Easy Mode: easily tap any area to take photo and double tap to record video• Screen is completely black simulate the device is turned off• No camera flash or on-screen flash is appeared• Fake other people that you're on other activities by using fake backgrounds• Alternative image slideshow or animated clock or reactive web browsing fake backgrounds• Ability to your own image fake backgrounds• Dimmed screen with zero brightness in black background• Adjustable the visible of the UI transparency• Movable and resizable camera view• Make sure you tap the correct buttons with haptic feedbackPASSCODE• No one can stop your recording by secure the recording and lock UI buttons with passcode• Support Touch ID and Face ID to unlock• Advanced passcode system can lock app startup, lock camera UI buttons, or lock gallery viewingGALLERY• Built-in gallery for viewing photos and videos• Easy and direct sharing to cloud storage or USB cable iTunes files sharingHOW TO USETap:• Top Left: show UI control• Top Middle: switch photo or video mode• Top Right : switch rear or front camera• Bottom Left: start/stop video recording or photo timer• Bottom Right: capture photoDouble Tap:• Top Center: recenter camera viewTap and Hold:• Top Left: lock UI with passcode• Top Center: switch to Easy ModeNOTES:• Please mute your device, or plug the earphone to remove camera shutter sound.• Avoid zero volume or max volume, to fix video recording without audio, and volume buttons action to work properly.• To record 4K 60FPS on supported devices, please set slow-motion FPS to 60 in setting, switch video mode to Slow-Mo (select either Wide Len or Telephoto Len on dual camera lens devices).• Built-in Gallery Viewer unable to play slow-mo video in slow motion action. Please save to camera roll and play slow-mo video via Photo app.• Not all features available on older devices.