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  • It is quite expensive, compared to its competitors.
  • You will need to use your iPhone if you want to operate the live feeds on the monitor.
  • It will require you to jailbreak your phone.

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iPhone Spy App-Spy SMS/Emails/Calls/GPS on iPhone X/8/7/6

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New features with iOS 11

  • Quick Start setup feature
  • Better photo editing options 

The iPhone 8 comes pre-loaded with iOS 11, and is upgradeable to iOS 11.3. The latest version of Apple's operating system features a number of new tricks up its sleeve without overly changing anything that you've become used to.

There are new photo editing features, a Do Not Disturb feature that automatically kicks in when you are driving so you aren't tempted to look at your phone, and a much improved Control Center that brings everything back to a single panel.


One of the biggest new features you'll appreciate out of the box is a "Quick Start" feature that helps you move across from your old iPhone. The system can also remember passwords in apps for you, which again has saved us loads of time when it came to setting up the new phone.

iOS 11.3 specifically adds a number of new tweaks including greater AR support, new Animoji including a dragon, lion, and skull, and a stronger focus on Privacy . There's also Business chat that will let companies talk to you directly, and in response to user backlash, a new Battery Health feature that is designed to provide you with more information about your device's battery and more, not that you'll need to worry about that for the time being with a brand new iPhone 8.