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The best selling undetectable monitoring software. Offers everything that you need to reveal secrets!Hubstaff's internet monitoring software allows you to monitor website usage during employee time tracking. free mobile spy software for android phone FREE trial to monitor internet usage & activity.Testimonials

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Employee monitoring software

Automatic screenshots of any active applicationsActivity levels based on keyboard and mouse usageTimesheets and exportable reportsEasy to use and runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, and ChromebookiOS & Android apps with employee location tracking Try Hubstaff's Employee Monitoring Software Today Time tracking Screenshots Activity levels Online timesheets Integrations Automatic payroll GPS & Location Weekly limits Invoicing Advanced reporting Manual time Dedicated support

Employee monitoring and time tracking

Desktop monitoring for remote teams
Hubstaff's time tracking software works on Windows, Macs, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Android operating systems. It was built to monitor employee activities and help you manage your projects and teams more effectively. Monitor Your Employees
Desktop monitoring
Random ScreenshotsActivity percentagesInternet URL & App usage log
Time tracking
Precise work timeKnow when your team worksAdd or delete time
Automatic reports
Customize to suit your needsDownload, export, or emailAccurate recordsGet started
Try Hubstaff's employee monitoring software
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Employee monitoring software with screenshots and activity levels

Hubstaff is a simple, powerful, employee monitoring and time tracking application designed to make monitoring remote employees’ productivity as easy as possible. Hubstaff is lightweight and can be installed on all major operating systems so you can easily track remote employees while they are working. Hubstaff also has iOS and Android apps that allow you to track your team's location as they track time and work. Start free trial

Optional work notes

Employees can describe the work they doNeed even more details about employees’ behaviors when they are working? Hubstaff allows your workers to add notes directly into the app or into their account online. You can view their notes and even include them in reports.Easy timesheetsQuickly view daily, weekly, or monthly time logs so you always know when your team works.Automatic TimeoutHubstaff will automatically stop tracking time if your employee stops working.Modify Tracked TimeAdd, edit, or delete time manually anytime you need, and give your employees the ability to do the same.

Complete reports of employee work

Filter reports to show the information you needNot only does Hubstaff allow you to monitor your employees as they work and track their time, it also automatically generates reports. You can filter these by employee, by projects, and by specific date ranges. The reports can include websites visited and the employee productivity level. Always have the information you need and even export or email the reports for external use.

Frequently asked questions

Don't see your question answered below? Feel free to email us
Can we turn off the screenshot capture?
A:Yes, of course. Each organization can choose their settings: either to turn it off completely, or to capture screenshots once, twice or three times per ten minutes.
Does Hubstaff offer a manual time sheet option?
A:Yes, you can allow your employees to enter their work time manually into the time sheets if you want. This is useful for adding time in the past or if time was spent out of the office.
Is the employee monitored in real time?
A:Hubstaff monitors the employee's computer usage as long as they are tracking time with the app. The data that is tracked will be available in your Hubstaff account to view very shortly after it is tracked, but not immediately.Get started
Try Hubstaff's Employee Monitoring Software
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