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Employee time management solution collects, calculates and processes employee information into a format ready to import into payroll. Learn more about TNA Lite

Employee time management solution collects, calculates and processes employee information into a format ready to import into payroll. Learn more about TNA Lite

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Get the demo of Gen PC Spy software, developed by SAG Infotech Private Limited. The software is a one stop solution for monitoring the work of your employees. It helps in keeping an effective track record of the employee. The software offers a wide range of handy tools that are meant to make PC spying an easy task. The best part of this employee monitoring software is that it is not harmful and supports all version of windows(7, 8,10).Gen PC Spy software comes with following features:This software is used for real-time PC monitoring, block websites, restrict installation from unknown sources, take screenshot, video conferencing via webcam, manage history log, set reminder, direct messaging and many more.For More Information: https://saginfotech.com/GenPCSpy.aspx