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What is Trans Nature Art (TNA)?

With the German project Desertec, humanity is finally about to generate a significant amount of exploitable energy from solar energy harvested in our planet’s deserts. To me, this initiative represents the best way to forego useless energy conflicts and environmental pollution, which result from outdated thinking patterns. In this, the Desertec project constitutes a decisive step towards the world I’ve been trying to describe since 20 years with my first solar sculpture, genesis of Trans Nature Art.

TNA is a metaphorical tool that shows that art can help dealing with major political and environmental concerns around the one world to which us, and every other life form are subjected. I believe our economic patterns must be rethought, in order for every human being to have the opportunity to express a peaceful conduct in this world. We should show courage in apprehending how what I call the “Universal Acupuncture” truly functions, and how energy can be tapped and transformed efficiently and respectfully. I think it is a question of installing a perpetual consciousness, leading us to understand the correct transformation solutions by which a global cyclic abundance can be guaranteed.

As I tried to show with my solar sculpture already some twenty years ago, the potential that artists embody is an important one. Due to an enhanced and trained sense of creativity, they develop a flexible spirit, allowing them to adapt from simple to complex situations, as proved by artists Peter Paul Rubens and French writer Marguerite Yourcenar in their time. In this way, the world should consider the benefits other than economic speculation, that can be achieved through collaboration with a constructive art world; in order to move on with things and the only relevant theme, which is the very kind of environment we and our children could live in.

This is not a pessimistic assessment. Considering the entire human creative potential to adapt and transform all at once spiritually, economically and ecologically: we can do it, and we already have begun to do it.