Stellephant – Stellest

The sculpture is composed of four towers. These structures were stylized and made higher.

Tower n°1

Rifles and different objects were accumulated in suitcases. These are attached to a Dali=Devil. Of course, they represent éléphant hunters as we could have found them a hundred years ago. Throughout a century of colonization, éléphant hunting was a tabou. After a brief period of protecting them, éléphants are being hunted again, specifically with the action of China in Africa. Because of their phallic shape, their tusks are used as aphrodisiac pouders in Asian countries. Moreover, these tusks represent a first class material for sculptors around the world.

Elephants therefore stay victims of Man’s cupidity.

Tower n°2

On top of a very high table, we can see a Stellephant standing on two suitcases. This is the metaphor of elephants having moved to reserves, similarly to Native American Indians. Mankind and elephants need to learn to respect their mutual space. Elephants are pacific animals, but over the last years, many accident occurred during which Elephants attacked African village, as if they had learnt that Mankind is a danger for them. (There is similar phenomenon occurring with Squids on the Mexican Gulf).

In the centre, a transparent panel lit by red diodes blinking sends a message to the viewer:

« Stop, and think about this for a moment! »

Tower n°3

This is an interactive sculpture: Two wheels are installed on interrogatory chairs form WWII. When they turn, a magnet placed inside turns two small microphones on, as sensitive as a dog’s ear; inside of which magnetic waves are picked up.

Tower n°4

The electromagnetic waves picked up by the microphones are translated into sound by the computer inside the old radio from the 30s. This gives the elephant the power to trumpet his revolt and claim his right to exist.