Mother Earth – Stellest

The structure is a very high table dominated by a totem in which I placed postcards. Well come back to these later.

Under the centre of the table, a kitchen knife is hanging at the end of a long string. The knife moves over the face of a woman in bronze, affected by electromagnetic chocks. Let’s consider this face like being the representation of our mother-Earth. Nearly all the cultures in the world symbolically represent Planet Earth as a woman.

… Mother Earth, Terre Mère, Madre Tierra, Terra Madré, Mutter-Erde, Pacha Mamà…

Even in Iran, nature is a woman.

The knife floating in a very menacing manner over the female face represents the permanent danger man inflict upon the environment with wars and pollution. The river of blue and white diodes blinking around this mise en scène is a metaphor of the Milky Way. It is the window we open at night to look at the sky and search for answers.
Let’s come back to the cards placed in the totem. A girl seated on a pile of blue polish fox’s fur. These beautiful animals run around the snowy forests in Poland and the Northern American plains.

The heart on the gun calls for our attention.
What if we didn’t have skin, but fur? Like in the novel ‘Il Colombre’ by Dino Buzzati, and his elderly hunting; aren’t we in fact hunting ourselves?

Poaching and warfare aren’t fashions, which change with the seasons.