Interview – Stellest


Here, I am explaining my blue Period sculptures to Beatrice de Andia, the General Manager of Cultural Events for the City of Paris. These sculptures are inspired from native american indian petroglyphs, and were then exhibited in the famous flower gardens of her castle La Chatonnière in Touraine.

My friend Mark Tate and his wife found me a few years ago in the South of France, and we've kept in close touch since then. He keeps telling me to focuse on painting as according to him 'No one has a house big enough to exhibit installations!' He now owns my C19 saucer, source of my Cosmic Art, and the painting I consider to be my masterpiece The Hug. It is a daily joy for me to know my works are in such good hands!

My friend Francis Catchatourov, also called 'King Albert', or more commonly 'Catcha'. He is a true companion in time, who lives in the Castle of Candes-Saint-Martin, where he is known as a potter. Whe lived countless adventures together, without a doubt a special character,and this is exactly why we love him!

Mr Jacques Chave is a great French art collector, in this sense that he understands the artists' universe. He is the son of Alphonse Chave, a good friend of Matisse and Dubuffet, and founder of the famous Chave Gallery specialized in Art Brut. We met during one of my exhibitions at the European Society of Art, in the South of France. Shortly after, he acquired a series of my Cosmic Drawings. He is a fascinating man, very keen on culture, and he himself made a magnificent career in art. Here is a short interview to discover his world...

Jean Barillé is without a doubt one of my closest friends. He used to live in the Castle of the Belloin Chapel when we lived in Touraine. Through this interview, I let you discover how we met… Quite a story really!... He is an exceptional man, and has a rare historical culture of France. I love him like my brother.

A character unlike any other; my good friend Roger Phillie, whom I met completely unexpectedly, when I arrived in Saint Rémy de Provence. I probably laughed more with him than with any other person, and he’s been a faithful friend for years. I always think he should have his own reality TV show…. Extravagant, and infinitely good-hearted, I let you discover… Roger!