Green Babies Machine – Stellest

While passing in front of an exotic wholesale supermarket, I saw a fluorescent vibrator, which resembled a bit a whale deep see fishing gig. Later while seated in a seaside station, I designed a green babies machine. The idea is that this precisely geared machine is designed to create green green green ecological babies all over the world, including China. This green baby boom is needed if planet World is to survive; badly conducted, wasteful non-orchestrated industrialization of precious limited resources could lead to times of financial crisis, unstable markets and confusion for most countries who would rather be green anyways.

This sculpture was assembled with Martin Buller and Markus Odermatt in Basel. I had met Martin on a skiing expedition while stopping in for a glass of red warm wine. Before leaving, he explained to me that he had been the assistant of the Swiss sculptor Jean Tinguely for large mechanics; and he was also, as I the found out, the cousin of Merret Oppenheim, to whom he bears a facial similarity. His intellect is keen and his humour uplifting. The three of us built Green babies machine.

Technique: Machine turning, heteroclite materials, and goat bell