Garcia Lorca – Stellest

Ballad of the sleepwalker

Green, how i want you green.

Green wind. Green branches

The ship out on the sea, and the horse on the mountain.

With the shade around her waist,

she dreams on her balcony,

green flesh, her hair green,

with eyes of cold silver.

Green how I want you green

It is thought that García Lorca was shot and killed by Nationalist militia on 19 August 1936
Garcia Lorca is a poetic sleepwalker of the human spirit. It is clear to me that artists cannot be dealt with, by means of a militia deprived of all good common sense in how to live a happy and meaningful life. Respecting the existence of all other living matter is the most basic form of life; in times of war, like in times of peace. The poetical liberation shared by Garcia Lorca is timeless and magic and this installation Garcia Lorca Stellflux, stands for his memory.