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Experimental hours

Animation 1 : Here are the basic drawings I designed one day when I was at Disney’s. Young French 3D animator Romain Caudron saw them, and offered to give him life : Say hello to the Birdie, the bird who wanted to fly!

Animation 2 : Here a cute little animation which I created as I was taking part in the experimental animation program at Walt Disney’s. I find it funny, although very simple. In fact, it was only an exercise, but this one is a little different. When the day came to film these drawings, the machine we used was broken. Jules Engel brought me to the attic of the institute, and I filmed this animation on Walt Disney’s first camera. The same one he used in the garage of his little house in Kansas to film Mickey mouse for the very first time. This is why this animation has a special place in my heart.

few years ago, I was in Switzerland one day and thought I would like to try out a new technique: painting on ceramics. I therefore created these plates and vases over a period of six months during which I produced a few dozens of pieces. Here are a few examples. In the middle of all this, you’ll find a collage I made one afternoon with the French singer Eric Charden who visited my studio with the need to create. So we did…

A doll made in Paris with shells collected between California and Brittany, a poem, a few collages and some sketches : That’s my pochette surprise !