Art photos – Stellest


The numeric era changed radically the way we conceive and use the medium of photography. Unlike the days of Man Ray or Robert Doisneau, where every shot was carefully prepared, we now ‘click’ at will, in the manner of young Jacques Henri Lartigue.

This is what happens here. Just like I have a notebook, I always carry a camera with me, and when I see something that calls my attention, I 'click'. Very much like my sketches drawn with a few lines, these photos are a way for me to come back to a part of my visual memory I might like to explore further.

Although I present them all together, there are different categories here, which all make sense in an experimental way.

I have people I met in different parts of the world; drawings made by people in random places, or just accidents which left a mark on a wall or a street; I am also fascinated by road signs; we have a category we might like to call ‘Walls Talk”; and a last category of photos which are perhaps more classic.

Up to you to decide which category the photos you’ll see belong to, or perhaps you like to decide on categories of your own…

My professor and mentor Jules Engel was interviewed the year before he died. The interviewer looked at a little collage he had made of small paper stripes which was lying on his desk, and asked him about it. He answered: "Oh yes, the cleaner was about to throw these coloured stripes away, and I looked on the floor, by his broom, and suddenly I saw these ones which sort of fit together. I asked the cleaner I f I could have them; he looked at me quite surprised, but smiled and accepted, and so I made this collage. Do you see how the image works?".

Perhaps this anecdote will help you to apprehend my photos…